Blast on the Starboard Kode 102 Wood Carbon

July 09 Blast on Kode

The Starboard Kode 102 (103 for 2010) is our all time favourite Windsurfing Board - at 65cm width it is best used with sails under 7.0M, (we use it with Gator, Mojo, NCXpro and Blade 5.7 - 6.5 mostly). For Thailand's best wind days it is the best board Amara has personally used in 30 years of windsurfing development. In this short Movie, her Partner, Craig is riding their Wood Carbon model with Severne NCX pro. Wind is between 15-18knots On-shore (Westerly) wind that we get in June - September in Thailand.
In stormy Conditions we will be testing the Severne Mojo Windsurfing Sail this year.