Solo Neilpryde Windsurf Sail - Freeride

Solo Neilpryde Windsurfing Sail


Neilpryde Solo and Starboard Go Board getting a workout at Amara's


LIGHT WEIGHT, EASY TO USE, TOUGH AND AFFORDABLE - The smart choice for Resorts and Schools.

A wide wind range with favored performance in the low end makes it ideal for Thailand's prevalent conditions.
The Solo is closely based on the Excess Sail but incorporates a lower cut foot for enhanced speed in lighter winds.
The Solo is a no cam free-ride sail that is perfect for beginners and intermediates, it is the ideal first sail. The Neilpyde Solo is also one of the best value sails you can buy.

Super Tough Foot area to prevent damage from dragging over the board and foot-straps.
Very strong leach (outer edge) to hold the shape of the sail and provide an extremely tough frame.
Materials and construction of this quality have never been available in this price range before.
Neilpyde have produced this sail to make high quality windsurfing equipment available to more people entering the sport.
Amara says: "At first we were reluctant to add brand new sails to our fleet, until the Solo became available. It is strong, affordable
and even our most discerning clients enjoy blasting on it."
Many Resorts in Thailand are also starting to provide the Solo for the same reasons, Tough, Fun and inexpensive.

At Amara Water Sports Clubs we have been renting the Solo Windsurfing Sail out and using it for teaching for over 2 years now. It is still the best value for money sail on the market in our opinion. We sell cheaper sails but we do not sell better inexpensive sails than this.

The same materials and construction method are used in Neilprydes top line sails, which are anything but, inexpensive. The Neilpryde Solo is a bargain, you simply will not get a better sail at anywhere near this price.

We normally keep the 7.0M Model in stock all year round as this is the best size for Thailand Windsurfing Resorts who already have 3.0M, 5.0M and 6.2M Dacron Training sails.