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Windsurfing- still the best - no strings attached

Amara Watersports is located at Blue Lagoon Pattaya Family Sports Centre in Thailand. This is a safe, clean, beautiful and non-crowded beachfront location which will in December also include the Good View Restaurant. Kite boarding lessons are also available here from another company. We provide the opportunity of gaining some experience in less expensive and safer watersports before considering more dangerous sports such as kite-boarding

Amara has been teaching Windsurfing and Sailing since 1978, you can benefit from this experience with our Inexpensive Windsurfing Lessons, SUP (Paddle-board) Lessons and Rental and Catamaran Sailing Lessons and Rental.

More advanced Windsurfers can Rent Windsurfing Equipment of the highest quality in Thailand. We have the biggest Windsurfing Shop in Thailand. Our SUP Surf Shop has the latest Starboard Paddleboards and Paddles in stock. We are Dealers for Hobie Catamarans.

At Blue Lagoon Pattaya we cater for Group Bookings and Corporate events. If you are staying long term, we now have Family Memberships available so that your children can learn about the ocean and enjoy safe, healthy watersports.

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Wind Pattaya Thailand Asia

Animated Wind Forecast for Thailand For Animated Weather Foecast check out this link. Wind in Pattaya, Rayong, Chumpon, Tab sai, Phuket, Hau Hin, If you are Sailing, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing or whatever you do in Thailand or indeed Asia - We here at Amara Water Sports Blue Lagoon hope that this is helpful - Stay Safe, Have FUN and Good Winds to you. Or check here for other local forecasts. Follow our Twitter at AmaraWind

Why We Windsurf

From 6 to over 70 years old. We are out further, faster more often than the kites, our equipment can last for decades and is easier to store and transport than sailing boats. We can have fun practising freestyle in just 3 knots of wind and you can rent Windsurfing gear easily if your travelling, have fun high speed fun without hurting yourself or other beach users... Read More

Wind Board Sports Blue Lagoon Pattaya Thailand Asia

indy9 -12knt on-shore wind days and the guys are out clocking up 45km of coastal cruising, averaging over 35km/h on mid sized windsurfing boards and 8.0M no cam sails. Kites? - on the beach, unless the riders have giant Flysurfers. At Blue Lagoon Pattaya this is a good time to learn how to sail the catamaran, keep fit on the Stand Up Paddle Boards and learn the sport of the gods ... Windsurfing.  Read More